Releasing the Captives Watercolour by Diana J. Jones

My friend and childhood neighbor, the woman who introduced me and my siblings to the Chronicles of Narnia (this woman deserves an offering!) created this beautiful watercolour painting entitled “Releasing the Captives.”


Here is her description of the painting:

There is a split down the center: Lion/Lamb on left. The Lion has a key, the Lamb has a lamp. The Captives are on the right: one in chains, in water, the other in a dark cave which is actually a hand of oppression. Crosses and morning sun are on left side. Done in watercolor. (Diana J. Jones)

Doesn’t that Lion remind you of Aslan, the Son of the Emperor over the Sea?! This painting reminds me of the second half of Prince Caspian (the third Chronicle of Narnia) where Aslan is bounding through Narnia freeing those held captive by the Tel-Marines or in the first Chronicle: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe wherein Aslan (again) runs around turning the poor iced creatures, victims of Jadis, the White Witch and false Queen of Narnia, and enabling them to join in Aslans army to eternally defeat the pretender-queen!

What a powerful image!

So tell me, what is holding YOUR voice and YOUR message captive?? What form of fear have you allowed to keep you captive when Christ has already set you free?? 

If you are struggling with this, I can help you. Register for Release the Captive Voice and learn how to unleash the voice and message that God has given you!

Spread the word, begin the movement. #captivenomore



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