Fear is a Prison


“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, because the Lord has anointed Me…to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound…” (Isaiah 61:1 emphasis mine)

Fear is a prison. You can choose make good on Jesus’ sacrifice for you and live #captivenomore or you can live bound.

The choice is yours.


Meet Kathy R. Green!

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Today, I’d like to introduce you all to my friend, Kathy R. Green. She is a published author as well as a publishing consultant and she’s here to chat with us today! 

  1. Let’s discuss your brand new book Come. What was the driving force behind writing this piece? Well, just after I finished writing my first book, God spoke to my heart to write a book for His children.  I knew He was referring to the next generation. I really didn’t want to write a book for teens, not because I don’t think our youth are important, I just I had a different book in mind. But the heart of God is to reach out to the children and teens and let them know that they are not forgotten. God has not left them out of His plan. So needless to say, I obeyed the Lord and wrote Come.
  1. Was the process of writing Come the same as it was for your freshman project, Pray-ers Bear Fruit? The process of writing Come was similar in some ways, while different in others. I was able to write come in seven months, while it took years for me to complete Pray-ers Bear Fruit. When I was writing Come, I set a schedule for myself and went into my office as if I was reporting to a job. But when I wrote Pray-ers Bear Fruit I was working outside the home, and there were many distractions, so I wrote in my spare time or whenever I felt inspired. But when I became serious about completing the book I had to become very focused and discipline myself to work on it everyday until it was completed.
  1. Do you have a particular writing pattern for yourself? If so, what does it look like? If no, why not? It depends on what I’m writing, because my approach to writing a book is different from my approach to writing an article for my column or a blog post. Because I write Christian Non-fiction books, there is a lot of studying and research that goes into it because everything I share from God’s Word must be scripturally sound. But when writing articles or blog posts it’s more of a creative flow that takes place during the writing process.
  1. As a Christian author, how has God assisted you in this entire writing and publishing process? God has been leading me in every step of the journey to becoming a published author. If I expect to be successful at what I do, or write books that effectively minister to the reader, I know that I can’t make a move without first seeking the Lord for direction and instruction. So I wait on Him to speak to my heart about what to write, as well as how to get it my books published. I even pray about the timing of when God wants each book released. So prayer is the key.
  1. What is the number one thing you’ve learned about writing books? The number one thing I’ve learned about writing books is that consistency is the key.  It’s just as Dr. Mike Murdock says, “The secret to your success is hidden in your daily routine.” So I’ve found that if I discipline myself to sit down and write each day, eventually I’ll have a completed manuscript.
  1. Your daughter Emonne Markland is the newly published author of Break Every Chain. What were some pointers you were able to pass on to her for her own project? Well I must say Emonne did an excellent job writing her first book. I really didn’t have to give her pointers because she has had a gift to write and the ability to tell stories even from the time she was a child.  Basically, I just stood on the sidelines for encouragement and to cheer her on to the finish line.
  1. Besides authoring two books, you’re also a publishing consultant with Kudu Publishing. What does that position entail? As a publishing consultant I read a lot of manuscripts, and I serve as a liaison between the author and publisher. I also work with writers and authors to customize publishing packages to meet each author’s individual needs and goals for their books. I walk authors through the publishing process—from the time they submit their manuscript until they hold their book in their hands. Oftentimes, authors are filled with questions about the publishing so I correspond with them and I do whatever I can to make the publishing experience as smooth as possible.
  1. If you could give my readers one piece of advice about publishing, what would it be? I would tell anyone who desires to have a book published to do their homework. They should do their research and gain a clear understanding of the various types of publishing available, and also know what goals they have in mind for their book so that the publisher they choose will be a good fit for what they hope to accomplish.
  1. Any last comments or admonishments for my readers? Lastly, I would say to someone who really wants to write and publish a book, that they must make it a priority in their lives, and they have to be very determined and disciplined in their writing. Because as we all know, life happens…and there is never going to be a “perfect time” to write a book. Writing a book starts with a decision to do it and being consistent with writing.


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