Right Turns Book Review (Authors Event)

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I just finished the brand new book Right Turns: Navigational Decisions Leading Pastors Make in Growing the Church and it was a wonderful read! My friend Dick Hardy composed this work and it is the perfect sequel to his freshman project, 27 Tough Questions Pastors Ask

Right Turns is broken down into six segments:

  • Section 1: Leadership
  • Section 2: Volunteer Development
  • Section 3: Guest Retention
  • Section 4: Personal Life
  • Section 5: Staffing
  • Section 6: Criticism

Dick covers “everything but preaching” which is great for pastors who don’t have [the best] administration in place, have reached an unhappy plateau, or simply want to do better—because we can always do better. 

For the Non-Pastors Out There

After I concluded my reading, what I realized was that Right Turns is not just for pastors. Although it certainly stems from Dick’s many years as a ministry administrator and church growth consultant, Right Turns need not be just for ministers. 

If you want advice grow growing your organization, business, or other people-based group, Right Turns is for YOU! Topics like leadership, volunteer development, customer service and hospitality (guest retention), personal life, staffing, and criticism are something we can all relate to. Here are a few examples.

  • We all need to learn how to rule without dictating.
  • We all need to learn how to motivate and train our staff and peers.
  • We all need to learn how to maintain lives of integrity and wisdom.
  • We all need to learn how to graciously deal with correct and not-so-correct criticism.

I may not presently be in ministry, but there is a wealth of relevant information to be found in Right Turns. Furthermore, because I do have an extensive background serving in various ministerial capacities, I can relate to much that is written in this book. I literally had flashbacks of many of those experiences as well as creative ideas for future ministerial endeavors. 

Right Turns is also a gem because it can be read in full or consulted on a topic-specific basic. Who wants to use their washing machine to correct a tiny spill if they can just pull out their trusty Shout wipes and spot-clean?Right Turns is perfect for both situations. I find that the “spot-cleaning” ability is one of the criteria for longevity in non-fiction literature. 

My family has been acquainted with Dick’s for almost twenty years; his daughter Erin and I attended junior high and college together. (Talk about full circle!) We also attended the same church in Des Moines, IA which is where we met. This is what our former pastor and awesome man of God, John Palmer, had to say of the book:

I had the privilege of serving at a great church with Dick for over 15 years. He is a godly man whose writing is practical, motivational, and biblical. You want to read and share Right Turns. (John Palmer; President of Emerge Ministries; Akron, Ohio)

I could not agree more!

I admonish you to order your copy of Right Turns today


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Right Turns on Goodreads!  

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