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Resources by Desiree M. Mondesir:


Monday July 1st, 2013 we’ll commence the intro event to our 9-week coaching course so YOU can learn how to write fiction better!

The intro event is entirely FREE!

What You Get:

  • 9 weekly, in-depth, live coaching from an professional writer and editor
  • Interaction with the class participants on two levels:
    • On the coaching call itself
    • In a private Facebook Group for participants only
  • How to Write Fiction that Doesn’t Suck Workbook (book + worksheets):

    • Paperback copy
    • PDF copy
  • A FREE 90-minute one-on-one coaching call ($150.00 value!)

To learn more, visit my Coaching Page on! 




How to Write Fiction that Doesn’t Suck is simply Desiree talking to the reader about writing fiction. After gaining experience through editing fiction for others and writing it herself, Desiree wanted to take those thoughts and put them all in one place for everyone to have continual access to them.

“This is me taking my mistakes, my loves, my wins, my experiential editing and critiquing, my conceptualizing, and whatever else I believe will be beneficial to you and compiling it all in one place so you can be better at what you love to do which, I hope, is writing!” ~Desiree M. Mondesir

This book is not about punctuation, grammar, or syntax. It’s about the author’s mindset and preparation that goes into writing the actual book. If you’re in need of random, creative inspiration as well as motivation to begin and continue writing fiction, then this book is for you.




Faith. Imagination. Many down through the years-especially in religious circles-have believed that the two concepts are utterly at odds. Yet Faith and the Imagination presents an argument that the two are inextricably tied. Through its various compiled essays and articles, Faith and the Imagination shows just how these two concepts intersect and, in fact, help to better the life and expand the understanding of the Christian overall.


Resources by Captive No More Authors Guests:

Offered by author Judith Lindbergh

Featured Books by Captive No More Authors:

PictureSynopsis: Godly Government is a riveting exposition of what God expects from His children as it regards bringing His government on earth as it is in heaven. He already gave us the authority. Now He expects us to apply it wisely. Godly Government will assist you in achieving that goal.

Overview: Godly Government, released Election Day 2012, is my very first eBook. Written to the Body of Christ (Christians), Godly Government is broken down into three segments:

• Part I: “Godly Government” which is a chapter from my forthcoming book project, The Final Hour.
• Part II: A collection of articles on “Godly Government” written by yours truly for Shulamite Women Magazine’s What Say Ye?? column.
• Part III: A Prayer Guide Index for the president, nation, economy, etc.

This is not about President Barack Obama or Governor Romney, red or blue, donkeys or elephants, Democrats or Republicans. It’s about the Church’s responsibility to God and nation to pray—and act—Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done in our nation as it is in heaven.



Right Turns by Dick Hardy

Ever wonder why some churches are declining and others are not? What characteristics do pastors of larger, growing churches possess?

At The Hardy Group we believe that church doesn’t have to be what it always has been. And we believe you can lead at an entirely new level.

Right Turns serves as a guide to get you there.



27 Tough Questions Pastors Ask<br>

Preaching is not the issue for most pastors.

It’s everything but preaching that eats their lunch. This book tackles the ministry stuff that keeps you up at night. Dick Hardy provides clear, frank answers to 27 of the toughest questions pastors ask. Got questions? This book has answers!



The Thrall’s Tale is the story of three women in the first Norse settlement in Greenland in A.D. 985.

Katla is a slave and daughter of a Christian woman captured in a Viking raid on Irish shores. Setting sail from Iceland with her master’s household, she heads toward the distant promise of a new homestead in Greenland. Also on the ship is Thorbjorg the Seeress, a much maligned and persecuted healer and prophetess who is ever faithful to the call of her patron god, Odin.

Upon first arriving in Greenland, Katla is brutally raped by her master’s son, Torvard. The child of this union is Bibrau: taciturn, reclusive, infused with the savagery of her conception and suspected by many to be a changeling. But the seeress Thorbjorg, following a vision from her god, takes Bibrau as her apprentice. The young girl becomes an adept at healing and Norse magic, but her bitterness perverts the wisdom Thorbjorg gives. As her power grows, Bibrau twists it to good or evil at her whim, inflicting her will on Thorbjorg’s household, her mother and the tight-knit Greenland community.

The Thrall’s Tale is a chronicle of love, hatred and revenge at a turning point in history when Christianity first penetrates the pagan Viking sphere. The schisms, alliances and sacrifices that result reflect the pain of a dying culture and the birth of a different world.



It’s Ireland in 1846. When her family’s small farm is struck by the blight of the Great Potato Famine, 24-year-old Clare Hanley heads out along with her younger brother Seamus on a harrowing journey across the ocean to the Promised Land of America. Once arriving in New York, Clare is both overwhelmed and enraptured by this coming-of-age city of intrigue, romance, the arts, squalor, wealth, uneven freedoms and exploding opportunities. Here she discovers love, adventure and a terrible secret which threatens to destroy her family and all she believes. Dramatic Settings: Ireland, Transatlantic Voyage, Historic New York City, Mexico (Mexican American War)



The story unfolds as Clare’s brother Seamus struggles to leave his near hanging for treason from the Mexican-American War behind him. He leaves Mexicoto seek adventure and redemption in the great American West. Although Seamus is still young and strong, he finds out the hard way he is not cut out for life as a frontiersman. When he intercepts a letter from a woman living in historic San Franciscoit leads to an adventure through Gold Rush country as he sets out for fortune, love and to fill the emptiness in his soul. Dramatic Settings: American West, Colorado Rapids, Yosemite, Sierra Mountains, Historic San Francisco

(Available for Pre-Order)



The “Modern Day Matchmaker” presents a refreshingly optimistic and plainspoken dating guide to finding romance—both on- and off-line. 

Finding and keeping a mate has never been harder. New rules are needed to navigate the complicated and changing modern-love landscape. If someone wants to find “the one,” what are the guidelines he or she needs to know, now that online dating and Google-searching a prospective love interest are the norm?

Happily married for ten years, Paul Carrick Brunson is a husband, a father, and a rising star in the matchmaking world. In It’s Complicated (But It Doesn’t Have to Be), Brunson tackles relevant questions such as:

  • Is marriage right for my personality type?
  • Do the rules of chivalry still apply?
  • How can I date more than one person without hurt feelings?
  • What is the best mode of communication (text messages, phone, e-mail, etc.) for asking someone out?

With an appealing mix of humor, candor, and real-world examples, It’s Complicated (But It Doesn’t Have to Be)  is a breath of fresh air in the dating guide category, offering a message of eternal optimism from a man who believes in true love—and practices what he preaches.



Nicholas Novel Cover

Did you know Nicholas of Myra lived in a time of Roman oppressive turmoil and persecution? Did you know he is counted as patron saint of sailors and archers as well as children? When his faith was outlawed and his people afflicted, Nicholas boldly stood against the tyranny in such a way that I call him “the Batman of 300AD.” After a betrayal, this average Roman soldier finds himself left for dead, floating in the ice-cold Danube River to the far north of Rome. If not for the aid of a clandestine race of Earth-bound Angels, known as Elves by the Scandinavians, Nicholas would have been a name long forgotten. After uncovering the truth behind his betrayal, and of the stolen love back home in Lycia, Nicholas leaves the Realm and travels with the Nordic sailors, honing his skills as a warrior, and ventures home on a path for revenge. 

His quest takes him to discover a far more sinister plot and brewing darkness in his homeland-one that plagues upon the innocence of youth-and the rushing river of destiny sweeps Nicholas upon a grand adventure culminating in the fulfillment of his destiny; to be the saint we now know as Santa Claus. Nicholas: The Fantastic Origin of Santa Claus written by Cody W Urban is the thrilling exploration into the legends and myths behind numerous Christmas traditions, from the Norse Yuletide to the Roman Sol Invictus, and a ride down the torrents of fate as a reluctant young man steps into the immortal shoes of the patron saint of children.




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