Module 2 Course Syllabus

Commencement Date: September, 2013 

*All Registrants will Receive a Downloadable Coy of this Syllabus*

Instructor Contact

  • Email:
  • Facebook: The Release the Captive Voice Private Facebook Group is specifically for the purpose of you interacting with me as well as the other participants to share your thoughts, comments, and questions. If you have a question, it is likely that someone else has that same question as well.



  • 1 audio clip per week containing that week’s lesson
  • 1 Worksheet per week containing that week’s outline and homework.
  • Access to the Release the Captive Voice Private Facebook Group

Delivery: All audio clips and worksheets, etc. will be delivered via email on a weekly basis.

Course Description

The Release the Captive Voice is a private quarterly course spread over a span of 10 weeks. It is entirely audio and workbook-based. There will be no grading system and the class can be taken as often as the participant desires. This course is in depth and interactive, requiring the participant to take an honest, introspective look inside as well as a critical look at their environment to examine the state of their voice and if it is being heard properly. We will also examine the root of why people allow their voices to be silenced by themselves or other individuals. This course will encompass your spirit, emotions, mind, and profession.

Course Objectives

  • For the student to recognize his or her own voice.
  • For the student to recognize the importance of his or her own voice.
  • For the student to acknowledge the state of their own voice.
  • For the student to release their captive voice in all of its forms.

Required Text and Supplies

  • Reliable Internet access
  • Reliable MP3 Player access
  • Note-taking tools of your preference.
  • A Bible or access to or the Scripture search engine of your choice. (A print Bible is preferred so the student can mark in it and make notes as necessary.)
  • Recommended: Access to the movie The King’s Speech.

Suggestions for Success

  • An Open Mind: Whether the student is a non-Christian or a Christian of a differing background than me, an open-mind will allow them to receive what is being taught as well as enable them to apply what is being learned regardless of your religious background.
  • Focus: A serious focus on the subject matter at hand will enable the student to learn what is being taught and apply it accordingly.
  • Honesty: Honesty will enable the student to truly examine the hindrances to, the state of, as well as the potential of their own voice.



Week 1: Dreams & Destiny

  • My Dream
  • The Power of Dreams Regarding Destiny
  • Dream Worksheet

Week 2: I Have a Voice

  • The King’s Speech (watch the movie)
  • YOU Have a Voice
  • Voice Acronym: Vocal Obligation to Implement Creativity Everywhere
  • What Caused YOU to Realise Your Voice?
  • Voice Worksheet

Week 3: Insecurity & Inferiority

  • The Ugly Root
  • One Breeds the Other
  • Areas of Insecurity & Inferiority
  • Insecurities & Inferiorities Worksheet

Week 4: Your Presence Makes a Difference

  • The Prophecy
  • Embrace THE Truth—Not YOUR Truth
  • The Greatest Love of All
  • Programmed for Prosperity
  • Just Go with It
  • Vocal Presence Worksheet

Week 5: Speak Those Things

  • Scripture Reference: Romans 4:17
  • What are YOU Speaking?
  • The Power of Words: Building Your House or Tearing It Down? Proverbs 14:1
  • How to Change What You Speak
  • Speech Worksheet

Week 6: Good Vibes

  • What’s In Your Environment?Second-Hand Negativity Kills
    • Your Head
    • Your Home
    • Your Church
    • Your Work
    • Your Hang-Outs
  • The Great Purge
  • Environment Worksheet

Week 7: Slaying Goliath—and His Brothers

  • Ignoring the Haters
  • Remembering the Lion and the Bear—and the Wolf
  • Don’t Borrow Armor
  • Felling Your Giant
  • Bring 5 Stones, Not 1
  • Kill Them All: “Your Decisions Make Descendants”
  • Don’t Let the Praise Go to Your Head
  • Giant-Killers Worksheet

Week 8: Chains & Yokes

  • The Purpose of Chains & Yokes
  • Name Your Chains
  • Destroy the Yoke
  • Get Up & Get Out
  • Don’t Go Back
  • Chains & Yokes Worksheet

Week 9: The Necessity of Clarity

  • Get Understanding: Proverbs 4:7
  • Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of None: The Power of Specificity
  • Write the Vision
  • Run with It
  • Clarity Worksheet

Week 10: Live Q & A Discussion

  • Format: Email any and all questions, comments, and thoughts you have regarding the overall course and where you go from now to me throughout the prior 9 weeks. Submissions will be accepted up until Friday May 31st.Take Away Worksheet
    • The best of these and or combinations of various other similar questions will answered live during the live-seminar. (Date TBA)
  • Take Away Worksheet
  • Write Your Own Future Biography, no less than 10 years into the future.

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