What is Release the Captive Voice??


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I had a dream. In that dream, my pastor looked at me and said, “It’s time to release the captive voice!” I knew he wasn’t talking about just writing. He meant singing. And guess what?? I cried from sheer terror.

That was three years ago.

And over those three years, I’ve come to realize that it wasn’t just writing. And it wasn’t just singing. A voice has many facets depending on one’s giftings and especially one’s purpose.

And then I realized that I couldn’t keep the news to myself. I had to tell the world!

Release the Captive Voice is a FREE Introductory Tele-seminar and Online Course. Offered on a monthly basis, this 10-week course will give you:

    • The Tools to Overcome Fear.
    • The Tools to Gain Confidence.
    • The Tools to Set Your Voice and Your Message Free.
    • The Motivation & Empowerment to Be the YOU the God Created You to Be!


But first, you probably want to know what a captive voice is.

What Is a Captive Voice??

A captive voice is a voice that in any form that is being prevented from communicating that which God has given and gifted you to communicate.

Who is This Course For??

ANYONE Who Has a Message that Needs to Get Out There!

  • Writers
  • Singers
  • Speakers
  • Ministers and More

How Does it Work??

You register to secure your spot for the July module, then I will email you everything! You’ll get:

  • 9 Audio Lessons
  • 10 Worksheets
  • 1 Invitation Only Tele-Event (the 10th Week)
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group

Everything will be delivered via email to the fully registered participants.

This way, you won’t be restricted by time zones, or days of the week; you can listen to the lesson and complete the worksheets at your leisure each week. And, of course, you can interact with me as well as with the other class participants throughout the entire course and after!

Your access to the private Facebook Group will remain until further notice!

Now I have a question for YOU!!

That’s right!!

How Much Do You Spend on Starbucks or Your Favourite McDonald’s Meal or a Night Out at the Movies per Week??

That is how much this course costs! Just $125 for the entire 10-week course. Your Starbucks, McDonald’s, or movie access will only last for a moment.

BUT you can Pre-Register for the next module for the super-low rate of just $65! This rate will last until midnight the day of the June Introductory Tele-Seminar. Details TBA.


Your investment in yourself, your business, your ministry, and your life will last you forever!

You won’t regret it!


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